December 13, 2007


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The thing that inspired me to write a blog about saving up is basically this…that I’m not gonna be young forever and that I need to make sure that I have a secure future.

Earlier today, I attended a company seminar (more like a quick learning session that lasted for an hour) about budgeting. It was so informative! I actually learned a lot of things.

It was about personal finance and how to budget money according to net earnings.

The thing I actually was surprised at was that we should set aside money for savings before touching the rest of your money.  Aside from that, savings should be 20% of your net earnings, not just 5% or 10%.  Still it was so hard for me to fix  my own budget since (1) I work in a 3rd world country with a 1st world lifestyle, and (2) I simply am not earning enough to save any money.  It’s so hard to live within your means when you don’t really have enough money to spend. At this point, I am sad to say that I am only able to save 500 pesos per month.  So when the inferno am I getting my million??? 

Time to make some budget related spreadsheets!



  1. Ely said,

    Well, good luck on your trip to your first million pesos! Think Rich!

  2. kimsan23 said,

    Thanks Ely!

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