April 7, 2008

Adding to your Income

Posted in extra income at 1:59 pm by kimsan23

The best way to work, is to work for the money.  I just left my job for a higher paying one so that I could afford to live comfortably and eliminate debt.

If that is entirely impossible, here are a few things you can do to add to your income:

1. Work part-time, online.  Online jobs are the best!  If you have an internet connection at home, you can look for online jobs.  Sales, Writing (articles, blogs, reviews etc.) and Marketing jobs are all over the web.  The best ones are the ones your friends are into.  Before accepting an online stint, make sure the company or person you are working for is REAL.  Make a background check, google is pretty useful when it comes to that.

2. Work part-time, IRL (in real life).  Some people I know have day-jobs and night jobs as well as weekend jobs.  What type of services can you offer during your free time?  I offer to teach martial arts classes on weekends, I even run full weekend workshops– I’m having fun and at the same time, earning. 

3. Sell stuff online.  Ebay is your friend.  Just make sure that you sell stuff worth bidding on.  Find out if bidders have good payment records by checking them out on Ebay.

4. Sell stuff IRL.  Look for stuff at home that are hardly used or unused at all and sell them to your friends.  Use the internet to advertise.  Do a garage sale if you have space.

5. Put your talent to use!  Bake, sew, and craft if you can!  I was once a part-time dance instructor.  I did dance choreography too.  It raked in the bucks when I was in college.

All in all, there are lots of ways to make extra money.  Just remember to keep it legal to keep it safe!

Every time you earn from an extra stint, try to put it ALL into savings. If you can’t, then at least a portion of it must go to your savings.



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