April 7, 2008

Buying for Quality

Posted in saving tips at 3:23 am by kimsan23

I know that not everyone can afford great quality items. They cost an arm and a leg. I’ve tried buying quality over quantity and vice versa and so far, I’ve discovered that quality does supersede quantity in terms of longevity of use.

One example is buying shoes. Shoes are something that is constant in our wardrobe. I’m not the type who buys many pairs, I just have one black and one brown pair. But each of those shoes cost me quite an amount to buy. I’ve seen that the brand I buy lasts me a good 5-7 years without getting too worn out. Same with clothes. Good quality shirts last so long and fade really slowly. You just need to follow the wash instructions!

100 peso shirts develop bacon-collar syndrome after a few washings. 400 peso shirts look good for about a good two years without fading — when you give them away to charity, they still look good.

Buying stuff that you will use for a long time needs careful thought — if you buy low quality cheap goods, get ready for temporary satisfaction that won’t last as long as you would like it to. Think of buying good quality as an investment. In the long run, it does contribute a lot to savings.

Of course, if you’re not buying to keep stuff for a long time — go ahead and buy for quantity.



  1. Gil said,

    Good morning!!!

    If you have time and the budget for this one, I would like you the read the book ” RICH DAD, POOR DAD” by Robert Kiyosaki. I guess you havnt read it yet. I believe it cost 400-500 Pesos sa National Bookstore. I bet you will like it, I want to know your opinion about the book, and hope you’ll post your opinion here.



  2. kimsan23 said,

    Hi Gil!

    I’ve actually read parts (excerpts) of the book. Yet another thing to put into my budget!

    I’ll try my best to read the whole thing and yes, I will definitely post a review once I’m done.

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