April 18, 2008

Planning Vacations and Long Days Off

Posted in planning, templates at 3:06 pm by kimsan23

Long Days off are like personal holidays. Most people would take their short days off on Saturdays and Sundays. Some companies require people to work 6 days a week, giving the person time to himself for only 1 day in a week. Nevertheless, these are days that I make sure I catch up on sleep/rest as well as do something other than work. Since I started tracking my expenses in January of this year, I’ve been able to allot amounts for weekend expenses like movies, eating out and other minor activities. My only regret is not being able to track the longer days off like three-day weekends and my latest Holy Week vacation.

It’s odd because I just discovered that while I set a budget for weekends and short vacations, I end up wondering where some of my money goes after the activity is done — I don’t track it as well as I should, nor do I plan (money-wise) in advance.

So today, while I was tweaking with my monthly tracker, I decided to make a vacation expense planner as well. Still on MS Excel. I’m gonna test run it for my Batangas trip next weekend and my Bolinao and India trips in May. Hope fully it helps me draft a really detailed and organized expense report.

What will be in my vacation money tracker?

1. Trip saver – something that will document the actual amount of money I have set aside for the trip before the trip starts. This way, I can set up a monthly savings plan for both minor and major trips.

2. Budget planner for the trip.

3. Actual expense report (to be filled as I go about having a good time)

One of my friends asked me how I track the small expenses. My answer to that is simple. I don’t need a receipt for every little thing but I write non-receipt items down on a little post-it note in my wallet. Yes, you can call me OC but it does work for me really well.

Tracking expenses shows you how much you spend and invest in activities, it also serves as a wake-up call. Whenever you see your miscellaneous spending habit — you’ll be surprised. I was definitely surprised when I saw where my wiggle room fund went every month! It was insane. It was in seeing this that I was able to really watch what I spend on and curb my impulse-buying habit.



  1. Ross said,

    It looks like you’re getting the hits. Cool.

    Thanks for linking me Kimsan.

  2. kimsan23 said,

    No Problem Ross. I’ll link your other blog as well. 🙂

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