April 26, 2008

Cupcakes…and everything nice!

Posted in business, financial decisions at 11:21 pm by kimsan23

I’ve never really been a great business person. The first business I started was re-selling cupcakes that I bought from the neighborhood bakery. I was 11 years old. After that, I started a mini-siopao distribution in school which did make a lot of money BUT I graduated and that ended my siopao stint. A few other tiny businesses happened but were not sustained.

After the humongous failure that I was setting up a gym and a martial arts company — I decided to take a hiatus from any form of business and get my ass back into the corporate rat race. Today, a little over 30, I’m trying again. My partner and I have gotten into baking. A lot of people have told us to sell our food items but we never really got around to planning for it. This time, we’ve decided to try our hand at it– to see if it works out.

I’m a little nervous but also excited. I’ve looked at the prospects of distributing to small coffee shops as well as to some restaurants. We know that most coffee places don’t really bake their own goods, so we’re taking advantage of it.

All in all, the investment will total about 15k. That includes equipment, sampling cost (Hey bloggers!  wanna get invited?  Just let me know.) and initial buying of ingredients. Good thing is, we have a financial partner! We still have to contribute our share but at least we won’t have to shoulder the full investment.

We’re hoping to get an ROI within the first 2 months of full-swing operations.

Note: Oh but hey, I am not quitting my job. That’s far too radical a step for me. If I had been able to do it before, I can’t do it now. I no longer live with my parents and I have bills to pay!


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