April 28, 2008

Memoirs of a Job-Hopper

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One thing not a lot of people know about me is that I am a bit of a JOB HOPPER.  I hopped through about 5 permanent jobs and a few freelance projects in a span of 10 years.  Many people will say that it is a bad practice and that job-loyalty goes a long way into getting hired by great companies.  As a trained and seasoned recruiter, I must agree with that principle.  However, I think I would have to contradict that as well — considering that I have been in and out of jobs but always at a better rate with better pay and benefits.

I’ve always been the type to go for the highest offer.  There was a time when I took a pay cut only because I wanted to gain expertise in a new field.  After that, I’ve been rising non-stop on the corporate ladder– only, in different companies.  Every time I transferred employers, it was always a higher salary and a higher position. 

I dare say that this was one way I was able to earn a little extra every year or two in the past 10 years.  I do not advise this for everyone, I may just be too lucky.  In the industry I’m in, job-hopping is quite the norm.  Gone are the days when most companies hire based highly on your tenure and staying-power. 

I attribute a lot of my financial success to my drive to always be better and do better.  If I had stayed in the first job I had once held, I wouldn’t even be making half of what I make now.  I desired to grow and the universe listened.  Only, it was granted to me in the most controversial and un-orthodox manner. 

Looking back at what I have accomplished as an employee, I will always remember that I got lucky both through my own merits and through luck alone.

This piece of advice from me can be compartmentalized into the following step-by-step “Guide to Job-Hopping for Success”

  1. Pick  and apply to a job where you would like to excel. 
  2. Stay until a better offer or better opportunity comes along 6 months to a year at the least.
  3. Always check if the company you are applying to or is pirating you is legit.
  4. Accept jobs that will offer you at least 50% more than what you’re getting.  I sometimes settled for an additional 30% but that was because I was starting out. 
  5. Do not forget to inquire about the benefits (medical, life insurance, bonuses etc.)  Sometimes, moving to a job with a higher payout doesn’t mean financial improvement.  You need to consider other things like schedule, transporatation and food expense. 
  6. If you get the job, DO NOT immediately upgrade your standard of living.  Wait a few months til you feel you are stable enough.
  7. Make yourself useful in the new job and learn as much as you can.  Document your accomplishments as well as other highlights of your career.  This will ensure resume-interest incase you are ready to move on.
  8. When you find something better, go back to Step 2.

When you get the job you think you can sustain (considering factors like schedule, posiiton, salary, location and specialization), that is the only time you really wanna  plan to stay.  So far, I think I’ve finally found that job.


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