May 6, 2008

Little Habits that cost Big Money

Posted in saving tips at 4:15 pm by kimsan23

Many of us underestimate the impact to our wallets of the things we buy out of habit.  Coffee, cigarettes, extra merienda, impulse-buy purchases — are a few examples of little spending habits that cost big money.

I used to have a hot chocolate habit, almost everyday I’d buy a P120.00 cup of hot chocolate.  The habit died when I transferred work places.  It was then that I realized how much I was spending every week.  In a month, I’d spend as much as 2k on hot chocolate alone. 

Friends of mine have also cut down on things like smoking, aside from buying cigarettes for themselves, a lot of other people tend to mooch off them as well, almost doubling their expense!

Another way to save money and minimize expenses is to cut down on these little habits.  You don’t need to give them up all together.  It’s just a matter of knowing how to allocate them as well. 

For example, if you are a smoker, try to not to bring your whole pack of cigarettes with you all the time.  Some people I know keep the cigarettes in their bags or cabinets at work.  When they want to take a smoke break, they get 1 or 2 sticks and leave the rest of the pack.  That way, they control their consumption as well as the tendency of others to mooch off them.

Little habits do cost money and if we further reduce these habits, we reduce the risk of over-spending on them too.





  1. PinoyRak said,

    Hi there kimsan! Just dropping by to inform you that I made mention of you and your blog on my latest post. You can check it out here

    Please leave a comment, as I would love to hear your thoughts about my topic. Catch you around! 🙂

  2. kimsan23 said,

    Hi PinoyRak! I visited your post. Very interesting! I left a comment there.

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