May 21, 2008

PTC Sites Scams

Posted in extra income, PTC Sites at 4:56 pm by kimsan23

Yes folks! I have been scammed! DiceAd.Com no longer works. All of a sudden, their website just ceased to exist. Good thing I keep track of my PTC sites (I only had two). And thanks to PinoyRak, I was able to get updates on the sites he’s actually tried out. He was the one who wrote about the problem with DiceAd.Com.

Moving forward, I decided to try out the new Pinoy PTC site. First of it’s kind that’s based in the Philipiines – Pinoy Bux that requires $10 before a payout as well as Kooplinks.Com in which the minimum amout to be paidis $0.02!

I am crossing my fingers!




  1. rOckY said,

    I tried to be very aggressive with online advertising and even tried pay-per-post / entry schemes and it just made me feel bad after.

    I guess I’m too much of a purist when it comes to blogging.

  2. kimsan23 said,

    Gosh. You didn’t get paid? Well, I’m giving it another and I will let you know how it goes. 🙂

  3. Fitz said,

    The secret to PTC sites is getting affiliate members. It’s just too time consuming to click and look at those ads for such a small profit. Anyway, good luck on your new PTC accounts.

  4. kimsan23 said,

    Hey Fitz! Thanks! I’ve been updating myself by visiting your site. You’re doing an awesome job!

  5. bm said,

    ya, kooplinks is legit i’ve been paid 6 times because they just required $0.02 to cash-out.

  6. kimsan23 said,

    hi bm! I’ve reached the $0.02 mark and am waiting for confirmation of payment.

  7. bugzlife said,

    are you sure it’s 0.02? neobux advertises $0.02 too but when you join and click, they only give you $0.01.

  8. kimsan23 said,

    bugzlife – I’m not on neobux though. Kooplinks pays but now the minimum is 10 cents.

  9. Join upbux…same as neobux…find banner on my site and good luck(=

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