June 11, 2008

Income from HubPages.Com

Posted in extra income at 3:43 pm by kimsan23

I have been trying out some avenues for making money online. So far, I’ve found Matched.Co.Uk (which has awarded me 2 ads at 3 British pounds each per month), Google Adsense and HubPages.Com!

So far, I am enjoying writing on HubPages.Com. Basically it’s a website that works something like a blog but is a bit more organized in terms of topics, contributors and posting rules. It’s this whole online community of writers and readers! The thing I like about this is that it’s partnered with Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates, eBay Affiliates and Google Analytics.

I published one article yesterday and it got me one click on my Google Adsense ad/s. Not bad for a first day.

I’m hoping that it brings me some sort of revenue! Still, I like the fact that it enables me to do one of the things I like best- write!

Visit my hub page to see how I’m doing every now and then.


*To read articles other than those about Personal Finance, go to “More Kimsan 23 Sites” links on my sidebar.


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