August 30, 2008

Click for a Buck!

Posted in extra income, PTC Sites at 1:25 pm by kimsan23

So far, I’ve been earning ok on PTCs like Kooplinks.Com and ClickSalary.Com.

I recently found this site called Click for a Buck.  Instead of making just cents, a  clicker can actually make dollars!  The payouts are ridiculously high and I’m not even sure if it’s real but hey, I won’t die trying!

If your curious, click on the link below and see for yourself.



  1. Marc said,

    So did it work?

  2. kimsan23 said,

    Not quite sure if it’s real…haven’t reached the minimum payout yet. This site smells of a scam though.

  3. cs1116 said,

    Hey Guys,

    Why not have a look at They are definitely one of the best paying ptc sites around, with no less than 10 ads to view per day

    Check it out!


  4. delo said,

    i recently came accross this site too i do think scam straight away but my knowledge of how the they earn money and what they get out of me coming there is limited i decided to join free membership to cure my curiosity within 2 hours i have a cash balance of $420 that to me sounds to good to be true but stuck to it for the next day and notcied i had less sites i can click at the moment there is none.They say Payouts starting at $2500 and paid in 45 days on 15th of each month but only 3 types of ways to transfer cash to your account being Alert Pay has a minimum 10,000 withdrawl, Egold has 100,000 minimum and paypal has a 5,000 so paypal is the one i would work towards but what i want to know will i ever get the cashout payment requirment for some reason i dont think i will. i think this is where they make there money from never having to pay us out and they are getting alot of traffic to sell. I could be wrong about all of this but just like to let everyone know what i have seen so far being a free member with a current balance of $436.00 on that site on day 2. Will i ever reach the required amount is the question but i heard traffic is a money maker too how much i really not sure only new to all these so called make money online oppotunities. I dont belive all things to be real have to be bad but also people will play with the Law of Attraction making it near impossible to resist the number one key for a scammer. any replies to this would be great would like to hear what people say. Also alot blogs you see anymore these days are created by online marketers or they are posting good remarks about it.

  5. random said,

    i am on that site too, it is ridiculous high payout, but if u think about it, you only need at most 5000 clicks, which is the same as a 5 dollar payout at a 1 cent ad click thing. although I have my doubts as well.
    are u close to the minimum payout?

  6. random said,

    sorry i meant .1 cent ads at fushionmails and stuff

  7. Hyeahhh said,

    Damn i was looked if someone got the 5000, my friend as reach 4000, but he got many referrals and because of that he need to reach 10 000 for the payments. anyway we just need 1 guy we know whom getting any money from this site to believe on it, if its work Damn!! PERFECT XD

  8. Hyeahhh Its me again but i found this.... said,

    I just found this page from someone from this site, Good luck…
    I want to share my income from 26th September till today (15th October) with you.

    I’ve got 10 in my direct referral level (level1) and 13 in level 2.
    My income grows every day, even while I’m sleeping.

    The Balance as for today is already on $2455.00 and I need $2 500 before I can request money in the last week of the month. They will pay out 15 days after that, and this means I’m then half way to the next month.

    This isn’t bad at all and I can recommend them to you today.

    Again, I will post here to tell you if I’ve got paid from them. This might be like legend, who say they pay out after 30 days after requesting money, but I’m still waiting for that payment. I’m already waiting 72 days and no where they say that your request will be queued before you will get paid. I’m 5th in the queue for 4 weeks now.

    They show on the site that they pay members, but I don’t see how and when, because I should have been paid long ago. But I use them as an advertising vehicle on the moment – an expensive one ($98 for upgrading to Diamond, that still show me as a Gold member)

    So bookmark this blog if you want to find out what has happened to me in Click for a buck and legendmails

    If you want to start with Click for a buck to build up some money, and be ready to request when you’ve got $2 500 (this is for e-gold account holders only. Paypal and Alertpay must build up their payments to $10 000), please click on this banner.

  9. Brad said,

    Click for a buck is a SCAM

    I made 6000$ of clicking. of course I wasnt expecting to be paid the 6000$ but wasnt expecting to get 4 cents for a whole month of clicking ads.

    I wrote to the administration of the Click For A Buck and this is what they told me :

    ” As stated in our terms (that you agreed on when you joined), payouts are based on the income of the site.

    The actual amount you make is figured once all income is added and the number of payout requests are counted.

    Every month, the amount you make per $5,000 is different.

    This month’s conversion was 4c per $5000 request.

    Thanks for using the help desk, if you have any further difficulties or are required to respond to your request, please login to the help desk


    Was this response helpful? We would be grateful if you would submit a short rating for this response as part of our satisfaction monitoring. ”

    They must be laughing at us because who in their right mind would work for a month to get 4 cents.

    Stay away from Click For A Buck!

    • harshal said,

      hey do we really get the amount of withdrawal from click for a

      ex. if i do a cashout of $6000 what is the real amount i will get

      please reply me quickly

      my email id::

  10. cityokie said,

    been a member about 2 weeks and i have to admit their advertising is very is where i’m at with my Stats:
    Cash Balance Stats
    Balance: $39,631.00000
    Pending Withdrawls: $0.00
    Payments Received: $0.00
    Payments Cancelled: $0.00
    Raw PTP Hits: 162
    Credit Balance Stats
    Points: 0.00000
    PTC Credits: 0.00000
    PTRA Credits 0.00000
    PTSU Credits 77
    Banner Credits: 0.00000
    Featured Banner Credits: 0.00000
    Featured Ad Credits: 0.00000
    Contest Stats
    Purchase Contest: 0 Entry(s)
    Click Contest: 30 Click(s)
    Downline Stats
    Level 1 Referrals: 64
    Total Downline: 64
    Total Downline Clicks: 24747
    Downline Earnings: $38596.00000
    i’m not using this site to make money but for their very aggressive advertising!i now have added over 500 emails adress’s to my list thru clickforabuck.

  11. priyatham said,

    thanks yarrrrrrrrrr ……….

  12. Ivan DCosta said,

    The same happened wit me.
    I was suppose to get a payment of $5300 but these assholes payed me just

    Click for a buck is a perfect scam.

  13. Juls said,

    I am a member of this program. Not to earn money from clicking ads daily but to advertise some of my ventures. I recently bought a 600,000 clicks plus 75 people in my downline for only $25. Isn’t that cheap? Now, without knowing that all that 75 people are clicking ads daily which enable me to earn a huge amount of cash in less than 2 weeks. Currently i have $26,000 in my account.

    I decided to withdraw 6,000 and the admin write back to tell me that i have to wait at least 45 days before i get my money. hmmmm

    Anyway i will let you all know if i have it.

    • pavan said,

      so, did click for a buck made the payment to you. Cuz im too waiting from march 25th, that when i w’ll get the payment. i hav made the request for 7100$……. i donno when dey w’ll pay my money !!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ryan Lohrenz said,

    So, I just joined Kooplinks and it seems that they have a similar interface to Click For a Buck. Has anyone gotten a payout from these guys yet?

  15. raj said,

    hi all
    One of my friend he reached the target.He is trying to withdraw amount in the paypal today let me check and message you back.

  16. Martin said,

    I just got a payement from click for a buck for a BIG 0.11 cents!

    I had $11 000 + and thats what I got a LAME ASS 0.11 CENTS!!!

    With a message on my paypal saying THANKS and now I cant even log in on the site.

    They probably deleted me so I dont complain any more!


    BIG ASS SCAM not worth ur time at all!

  17. khurram said,


    i have completed 5000 point but i dont know how to get mony can you tell me the precedure ? how can i get my mony plz tell on my email address i will be thanksfull for your kind considration.

  18. JAS said,

    Quisiera saber si alguien conoce bien acerca del sitio click for a buck, si los pagos son reales o es una estafa y de cuanto es el pago sinceramente yo no creo que sea real, hay alguien que haya recibido algun pago que haya valido la pena.

  19. bobby said,

    very nice blog!! keep up the good work!!
    PS: check my blog !!

  20. sims said,

    fake fake

  21. albatoul said,

    oh! :’o
    I collected a lot of money! and many hopes!

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