September 18, 2008


Posted in personal at 9:23 pm by kimsan23

Hi folks!  I know it’s been a while since I last updated, so let me share what’s been going on.

News #1

I’ve finally been able to grant small loans of 1-2k per month to people who need money to start small businesses.  I have a broker who happens to be my maid (yes, the same one who used to lend my money out at 20% interest).  So far I’ve received1 payment and am receiving another one come end of September.  Sweet.

News #2

I got a pretty good reg package at work.  Nuff said.

News # 3

My partner and I bought a new fridge since our old one was too small for our household.  We got a Condura energy saver fridge.  Good thing is that we didn’t have to dip into our life-savings for this.  We got the money out of our revolving fund.  The old fridge was supposed to be sold but I decided to give it to my loan broker as a gift.

News # 4

I finally bought a car!  I’m selling the old one though so I can use the money to pay off some of the balance.  I went to the car showroom today to place a downpayment of almost 110k.  In the next 3 years, I’ll be making a payment of 15k per month.  I’ve already done calculations and so far, the payments won’t impact my saving capacity much.  At the same time, I’ll be able to spend less on gas.   The car I drive now is a 1.5 litre model with automatic transmission.  It uses up 1 litre of gas every 6-7 kms.  The new model I got is a 1.1 litre (4 cylinder) with manual transmission.  The new baby uses up about 1 litre of gas for every 10-12 kms.  That almost cuts my gas spending in half!  In a month, I spend about 4-5k on gas.  I hope that the new car really does help me save a bit more.  When I looked at the official website, it was listed there that the car can go for up to 20kms per litre of gas!  COOL!


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