January 6, 2009

Here’s to the New Year!

Posted in business, extra income, investments, planning at 2:24 am by kimsan23

2009 seems to be a promising year for me. 🙂  I was looking at my Chinese zodiac and it seems like this year will be fruitful in terms of finances.

Highlights for 2008:

  1. I started earning much better than in previous years
  2. My savings account bloomed during this year
  3. I was able to buy a car and move to a better apartment
  4. I exercised a lot of control over myself when it came to spending
  5. I learned how to maximize my earnings by effective budgeting
  6. I also learned how to let go of money when I had to for emergencies
  7. I made significant investments and started using eBay
  8. I made some money out of internet ad placements
  9. I made money out of what I love to do (martial arts)
  10. I offered a new type of service and was able to help some people who did not have work.

Goals for 2009:

  1. Find more freelance work to earn more
  2. Close a book writing contract
  3. Close another book editing/revision job
  4. Manage to open a “Paglingap” time deposit through work
  5. Get more involved in sports activities
  6. Get more training for professional growth
  7. Pay off car (WHEW!)

Now to the actual entry….

Today marks my first workday for 2009!  So far things are quiet at work since it’s only the start of the year.  During the long break, I managed to accomplish a significant number of things.

First, I was able to invest my money in a buy and sell car business.  So far, the first ROI cheque came in on time.  I am expecting two more installments this month.  This business pays me 20% of what I invest in a span of 3 months.  So far, my investment here is at 250k, split in two.

Second, the Chinese deli store that my dad is starting is asking me to sell our famous Tipsy Chicken.  I still don’t know if this business will really fly but so far…the chicken recipe works — it’s just a matter of selling it!

Third, my project with the security agency is still ongoing.  We are resuming classes by the 2nd or 3rd week of January.  This is something we started last October 2008 — my group and I started offering to teach practical self defense and combat skills to security guards.  The security agency got a huge discount from us but since the volume of work is a lot, we are still getting paid pretty well.  I am expecting some payments by February at the latest.

Finally, I started a book project with an academic author.  I revised an academic book on ESL for this person.  Payments though won’t really come in till the start of the school year but I am definitely expecting some good returns.

I am also considering some business options this year.  I was hoping to set-up an admin-services type of outfit like a business center.  It’s just so hard to look for a location!  Ideally, it should be very near a school but there is no more space for me!  If I put it in a mall, I’ll end up spending way too much on the overhead costs.

The baking business went very well last Christmas, we had tons of orders but I personally don’t earn from there.

One thing I really would like to do is get more book projects.  I am working on a personal one now, which is a book about practical self defense but that will be personally funded by me.  I need more book projects from other people that are willing to pay me to edit, revise or even write a book for them.  I wonder if publishing houses would be interested?

On the money side, I was good all Christmas vacation and did not over spend.  Hooray for me!  I followed my budget quite strictly.  Even though I  got sick, I was still able to stabilize my savings and even open a new account for myself in PS Bank.

The reason I’m opening more accounts is not because I have tons of cash but because I am positive that this year, I will be able to max out the PDIC limit on 2 of my bank accounts.  I intend to keep money to a maximum amount of 250k per account so that I am fully insured by PDIC in case the bank runs into some trouble.  Well, I don’t half a million yet but you know what they say: “If you open it (an account), it (money) will come.”

Happy New Year everyone!



  1. Xou Her said,

    Wow I have no admit philippines have a weird pay structure. Thanks for sharing thought..

  2. Jonha said,

    I can see myself in you, but you’re more of an achiever, and I’m more of a visionary but I could clearly see why I stick around, because I know that we all have the same spirit, wanting to earn and save and reach that financial stability. I am happy with your progress and keep us posted.

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