February 10, 2009

February Financial Update

Posted in business, extra income, investments at 3:20 pm by kimsan23

Hi everyone! It’s been a tough January for me and as I write, I am looking at the possibility of doing away with a current endeavor. I won’t say what it is yet but I am determined to find other means of income!

I can already invest a good amount of money in a small consistent business which I have not found yet. So far, what’s earning for me are my investments in used car sales. I have already turned in a profit of 25k out of investing in this. What I would like to focus on now is to do more sales in terms of a food business, something that involves dimsum 🙂

Can anyone help me set up food carts? I really want to do this. Food sells specially when the product is very yummy.

I really need help with marketing. That’s my waterloo.

Right now, I am crossing my fingers at the prospects of writing books since this is one thing I did in the last month. It was fun but the profits turn in a bit late. I’ll probably be getting my cheque in June or July. You see, they’re academic books so I need to wait for the school year to start.

I really need something solid here. Am getting anxious over the economic situation.


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  1. friehey said,

    this post is good, it can help me.
    Thanks you

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