March 3, 2009

My Wundleberry

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Once upon a time, there were two bunnies, a big bunny and a little bunny who lived in a tiny burrow at the edge of a big cabbage patch. Everyday, both bunnies worked very hard to harvest and sell cabbages in the bunny marketplace at the forest clearing. The big bunny’s job was to harvest the cabbages at night, while the little bunny would hop into a cart to take the cabbages to the market every morning at the break of dawn.

One day, the big bunny got sick and wasn’t able to harvest cabbages. The little bunny harvested and sold the cabbages and became very very tired that she fell sick too.

The bunnies were sick for 3 days, and their food supply was running out but they managed to get better. They realized that the cabbage patch was way too difficult to manage on their own. They worked too hard for too little. During the weekend, the bunnies hopped into the forest to explore new places. Little bunny hopped so high and so fast that she ran into a big bush! Big bunny came after her and saw her sitting among beautiful red berries.

Little bunny was so adventurous that she ate a few berries. Big bunny was worried that they might be poisonous. Hours went by and the little bunny was still fine. The bunnies discovered that the yummy berries were safe to eat. So the big bunny took a bunch and sold it in the market.

No one had ever seen big red berries before! They were so yummy that they sold like wildfire! The bunnies called the berries, Wundleberries!

Soon, everyone had heard of the wonderful wundleberries sold by the big and little bunny. Soon, the two bunnies made a fortune and did not have to work in the cabbage patch again.

The End.


So I’m going through some turbulent times now. I’m at the brink of going nuts at work but I am still holding on.  Looks like I’m not inheriting the family business. As usual, someone went back on his word and the business is now stuck with some who, I dunno…seems to be running it into the ground. How in the world does this person expect the business to be big if it’s not even registered yet to issue receipts? Business basics? It doesn’t even have a permit to operate in the city it’s operating in. DTI? Where?

It may sound really mean but I’ve decided to put up my own business of a similar nature. It’s falling into place for me right now, the signs are there. The business is a dimsum thing. The cook/baker that worked for my family has resigned and is now asking if I want to hire him. Sure I do! The guy’s a jewel!
I just made a call to one of my good friends and shared a business idea with her.  We’re doing food carts, dimsum food carts.  I can guarantee the production of the food items, we’ll just need a solid plan.  So, we’re meeting on Sunday afternoon to discuss plans for our business.  It will entails an investment but hey, you gotta give some up to get some i, right?  Wish me luck!  This may be my Wundleberry!


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  1. Fitz said,

    Wow! Good luck on your new venture! 😀

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