October 1, 2009

Calamity Strikes – Help needed!

Posted in personal at 12:35 am by kimsan23

Hi all!  I know that this post is supposed to be about something else however, given the current situation in Manila, Philippines, I’d like to take this chance to ask for help for my countrymen who were totally stripped of their belongings.

Just a backgrounder, last weekend, Typhoon Ondoy (International name: Typhoon Ketsana) hit Metro Manila Philippines with a lot of rainfall which flooded several major cities and housing subdivisions/villages.  Many of my co-workers were affected by the floodwater as high as 20 feet.  Some of them were stranded on the rooftops of their homes for 24-48 hours without food or water until the water subsided enough for them to go to relocation points and relief centers.

In response to the growing need for supplies like canned food, rice, drinking water, toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brushes), medicines (iodine, bandages, paracetamol, antibiotics, vitamins etc.)  and linens (towels, blankets and bedsheets) – My First One Million Pesos will be accepting donations through an address in Mandaluyong City (or we can pick up at your place).  You can also donate any amount to Paypal (but we prefer goods).

If you can spare anything from your cupboard, medicine cabinet or stock of linens and old clothes, please e-mail me or leave a message for the drop off address and/Paypal ID.

We appreciate every little bit of help.


We will be accepting donations of all kinds up to October 13, 2009.


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