January 5, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Posted in personal, planning at 3:31 am by kimsan23

Welcome 2010!

As part of my New Year’s list of resolutions, I have decided to update this blog more frequently than just once a month.  I even missed November and December due to a lot of pre, during and post holiday stress.

I’d like to thank my readers for staying on despite my inability to update often.  2010 will be a much more informative year for everyone as I further document my progress.

In a nutshell, the whole 2009 was a  difficult year.  The recession in the US caught up pretty quickly with us as seen in the rise in gasoline prices.  Despite that, my finances were stable but I put money in the wrong places at the start of the year (technically, Dec. 2008).  Right now, I have yet to collect off some debts someone owes me and it’s tough!  I could have had more money if I didn’t invest in a car sales business.  Well at least they are paying me little by little but it’s still a debt.  The food business idea tanked, it was actually “awarded” to someone else– therefore I stopped getting customers– for the reason being I won’t gain from it (financially).

On the upside, my liquid assets have increased and I am almost halfway to my goal.  Whew!  If it weren’t for so much car maintenance I had to pay for this year (total at about 20k), I’d be a bit richer.  Towards the end of the year, I got into a stationery making business.  I sold notepads of different shapes and sizes as Christmas giveaways.  That brought in a few thousands but still not enough.  That small venture is actually inspiring me to open a stationery, card making, handmade notebook business instead.  On the other had, investing in putting up a net cafe is also appealing to me.

This year brings a lot of promise and I am also hoping to add some more business options to my money making menu.

2010 future highlights:

  1. Start a business center (fax, e-mail, PC rental, photocopy, risograph services)
  2. Start a net cafe
  3. Continue selling stationery
  4. Launch a recording artist (won’t say who yet)
  5. Produce an album of Christmas songs (by a composer friend of mine)

I’m doing a lot of this on my own or with a few close friends.  I just really want to make sure I make the best choice/s possible.  So for each item, I have decided to make a checklist which will outline the following:

  1. Capital needed
  2. Resources needed
  3. Income per month
  4. ROI after 3, 6 9 and 12 mos.
  5. Other risk factors

I know it looks like a short list but having put up a business before, this list extends into a lot of other mini lists not to mention some additional items I may have to add.

Scarily though, my Feng Shui reading looks promising for 2010.  It says that I will find the quick pace of 2010 very much to my liking and will be keen to look for new possibilities and opportunities. I must make use of all the openings and opportunities that present themselves during this year. Teamwork will feature strongly and I will progress further and faster in my career if I bear this in mind. My financial situation will be promising and good during 2010 with a possible increase in income as well as a sum of money coming to me during the year. I must be careful to be disciplined about spending and not make too many impulse buys!  May, September and November see the most interesting career changes.  In other readings, it does say that I need to work doubly hard to reach my goals and that I may want to pursue studying this year as well.  Work doubly hard?  I already work like an Ox!  And studying is a bit out of the question but I can’t deny that I have received some very strong suggestions regarding pursuing further studies.  I am a firm believer in doing big things and making big decisions one at a time.  At this point, I don’t think I can quit my job to study.  And if you think I could study AND work…well not at this office.

Still, no matter what my horoscope says, I am determiend to experience a windfall of luck this year.



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