January 25, 2010

A review of 2009 Goals

Posted in personal, planning at 9:45 pm by kimsan23

Last 2009, I made a list of actual financial, career and business goals.  Here is what actually happened to those:

1. Find more freelance work to earn more:

2009 did not bring me a lot of freelance work, just a few engagements since I was very very busy!

  • managed to teach a few more self defense classes and make some money out of those
  • did a few interviews for radios and research projects (LGBT related work) which did pay a some fees (quite unexpectedly)
  • a bazaar that I joined.  we were able to make a good profit out of selling stationery and handmade notebooks.
  • few baking orders came in as well but were not enough.  I also  made a bit selling my father’s Siopao.

2.  Close a book writing contract

  • FAIL!  (wasn’t able to do this–the book I revised and edited in the end of 2008 won’t be printed til the moddle of this year.)

3. Close another book editing/revision job

  • FAIL!  (wasn’t able to do this–the book I revised and edited in the end of 2008 won’t be printed til the moddle of this year.)

4. Manage to open a “Paglingap” time deposit through work

  • Didn’t do this as the risk was a bit too high.  However, I was able to open a new bank account in GE Money Bank!  It’s growing and doing pretty well.  In relation to bank accounts,  my BDO time deposit will be on it’s second year this April.

5. Get more involved in sports activities

  • I got myself into boxing starting July 2009.  It’s a great hobby and I’ve lost a bit more than 10 pounds since I started.  I am continuing that this year.

6. Get more training for professional growth

  • Just Six Sigma…nothing else.  So I consider this a FAIL!

7. Pay off car

This one is tough but I was able to successfully pay every month of the year without fail. One year and 9 months more to go!

I am hoping that 2010 will be a bit more dynamic in terms of being able to augment my income a bit more.  My 1 million goal doesn’t seem too far off anymore– specially when I look at how I am doing in terms of savings.    Still, there has to be a way to make things go faster!

For the record, this my blogs’ 3rd year…and I have not given up.


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