February 27, 2012

2012 – BOOM!

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It’s 2012 friends and I have not written here for a year or so.  You must be wondering what happened to me.  Well, it’s been one crazy thing after another but I am still afloat!

I still have pretty solid goals for 2012 and frankly, 2010 and 2011 weren’t as profitable as expected. 

Key events:

  1. Moved jobs in 2010 (some financial impact)
  2. Got a divorce in 2010 (this was expensive)
  3. Moved homes in 2010 (expensive as hell)


  1. Paid for my car in full  (YES!!!!)
  2. Opened a soap business (WIN!)

So where am I now?  I’m not back to zero…almost happened though but so far it’s been better than I expected.

Cheer me on please…I have so much to recover from.






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  1. arjay said,

    cheer up! don’t give up on your first million! adversities in life come and go. use it to strengthen not just yourself, but your dream as well! maybe that dream can help you move on with your life faster if you just focus on it a little bit harder! that’s a win-win situation for you right? you get to take a step closer to your dream and move on with your life happier as ever. i don’t know you personally but i think you can do it! you just need to recompose yourself and push yourself a bit harder towards your goal and your life. just remember that after a bad thing happens to you, there’s a very high chance of a good thing to happen next. or maybe even better than you expected. have faith in yourself and in your goal. you’re just a decision away from it. goodluck to you and i pray for you to recover a bit faster ’cause i’m anxious to read your next update. hehe…

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