April 11, 2008

Smart Gambling

Posted in gambling at 12:06 pm by kimsan23

Gotcha there! If you’re not an uber-psychic-math-electronic-super-villain-whiz, sorry to say but there is no such thing as smart gambling. I’ve done casinos for fun but never for real serious gambling. Some people win, but not everyone is lucky.

I’ve tried gambling in small casinos. My first time was when I was 20 years old on ship to Alaska and I won $50 from spending $2 on a slot machine. Call it beginners luck coz after that, I lost $20 to the same machine. I still think I played it smart by keeping my $28 win ($2 out of $30 was the investment). At that time though, none of that $28 went to any bank account.

Two years ago, I went to Las Vegas to see and enjoy the sights there with some family members. I did not want to gamble, I was always afraid to lose more than what I invest. Still, I was prodded by my family to try. I said I would if they gave me money! I was handed $200 and told that it was okay to lose it but if I won, I kept the money and the profit.

I played the slot machines. Call it first-time casino luck, I didn’t win jackpots or anything but I won about $120 on top of the $200. At the moment I won, I stopped. I gave back the $200 (delicadeza) and kept my earnings. Now, that money went to pay for my credit card bill. 🙂

If you really want to try some local gambling you can do the popular “ending” game. I’ve won in this a few times, but I had to bet on 5 or 6 combinations to win but of course, the returns are really small. I’ve tried the lotto — too many numbers! I didn’t even win P20.

Gambling is fun but doing it for a living is not. Investing too much in gambling could get you into a lot of debt. If you wanna gamble, it’s really okay as long as you have a budget for it and are ready to lose your investment in a blink of an eye.