January 12, 2009

Goodbye PTC Sites!

Posted in PTC Sites at 11:16 pm by kimsan23

I have officially given up on PTC Sites. When I started making money, the majority of the sites I used started to change payment options. I personally love Paypal but it seems like Paypal has become stricter with their merchant agreements and no longer approves of transfers from most PTC sites.

My online activities used to pay for my rapidshare account but with all the new changes, I could not wing it anymore.

Time to find more money online….


August 30, 2008

Click for a Buck!

Posted in extra income, PTC Sites at 1:25 pm by kimsan23

So far, I’ve been earning ok on PTCs like Kooplinks.Com and ClickSalary.Com.

I recently found this site called Click for a Buck.  Instead of making just cents, a  clicker can actually make dollars!  The payouts are ridiculously high and I’m not even sure if it’s real but hey, I won’t die trying!

If your curious, click on the link below and see for yourself.

May 29, 2008


Posted in extra income, PTC Sites at 8:45 pm by kimsan23

I’ve been bitten by the Kooplinks bug and am now a bit more adventurous is trying out new PTC sites.  I stumbled upon something that looked a lot like Kooplinks and decided to sign up.

They pay a minimum payout of $1.00 via Paypal.  Check them out!

May 26, 2008

Kooplinks Pays!

Posted in extra income, PTC Sites at 11:25 am by kimsan23

Since I’ve earned $0.02 on Kooplinks, I tried depositing the amount into my Paypal account to check if they pay. Wonders of wonders — they are not a scam! I therefore certify KOOPLINKS to be 100% REAL!


May 21, 2008

PTC Sites Scams

Posted in extra income, PTC Sites at 4:56 pm by kimsan23

Yes folks! I have been scammed! DiceAd.Com no longer works. All of a sudden, their website just ceased to exist. Good thing I keep track of my PTC sites (I only had two). And thanks to PinoyRak, I was able to get updates on the sites he’s actually tried out. He was the one who wrote about the problem with DiceAd.Com.

Moving forward, I decided to try out the new Pinoy PTC site. First of it’s kind that’s based in the Philipiines – Pinoy Bux that requires $10 before a payout as well as Kooplinks.Com in which the minimum amout to be paidis $0.02!

I am crossing my fingers!