Google Moments

This is where I document my “Google” moments!

FYI: As of April 27, 2008 – I am #1 on Google when you search the words “One Million Pesos”!

Google Moments:

From: Long Lost Blogger’s post about my blog on April 11, 2008

“I recently found a blog titled My First One Million Pesos. I have to admit, the title got my attention and the thought of following this guy’s ups and downs while he was on his journey to get the 1st Million excited me. I felt that I was given the chance to watch this guy go from start to finish.

Except that while I read his blog, I was actually disappointed. The writing was as exciting to read as a textbook. The blog contained a lot of tips for saving and stuff but I never read any of his plans on how he was going to be able to get the 1st Million. I think he has plans of saving for his 1st Million from his salary. Bro, it’s like watching water boil!

I plan on giving him a month and if I can’t stand his writing, I’ll go for my 1st Million just to outdo him.”

From: Certified Blogista’s post about finding my blog on April 24, 2008

“…Also, I’m really excited for having found this website, click here! The blogsite is one of my former trainors from Sykes Asia…she’s a real nice person and I loved her personality…we would chat on MSN from time to time, but actually I haven’t been chatting with her because I know that’s she’s sooooooo bussssyyyyyy! Since I’m looking into improving my life, the site is timing for me…I really need to get things done, not just for me but also for my children…”


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